Bespoke Bridles

We all have different horses, that we do different things with, so it is logical that no single bridle can be fully universal in terms of fit and function.  Horses have different sized heads, and each discipline has its own demands of the tack we use.

All bridles made by me at Ladybridge Leatherworks are one-off creations, designed to your specifications and made to fit your horse.

There are many options for you to choose from during the process of designing your own bridle.  These include:

  • The colour of the leather.
  • The width of the leather straps.
  • The colour of the stitching.
  • The type of rein(s).
  • The type of bridle (snaffle or double) and the type of noseband that you require.
  • Whether all of the bridle is made from flat leather or whether parts are raised and/or padded.
  • The shape of your browband.
  • Whether the headpiece is straight, or is shaped.
  • Any decorative touches that you would like added, where options include colour, inserts, bling, and decorative stitching.

The bridle that I make for you will be made to fit an individual horse based either on measurements that I take in a visit to your yard, or on measurements that you provide using my measuring guide

Please know that a bridle fit consultation does not commit you to commissioning a bespoke bridle from me.  I can also offer advice on how your current tack can be altered to improve the fit and comfort for your horse.

Price for fit consultation start from £25.00.  Additional charges may be levied depending on your location.

Price for bespoke bridles start from £200.00, however the final cost will depend on your requirements.

Other Items for your horse

In addition to bespoke bridles I am able to offer a range of other leather items, which include head collars, girths, and martingales.

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