Data Protection & Privacy

The general stuff…

I will manage any personal data that you share with me in line with current UK and European Data Protection Law.

Any personal data that you provide to me will enable me to provide a service to you, whether this is a repair, alteration, or bespoke creation.

I will keep your information secure and will not share it with any other parties.

What personal data will be held?

The personal data that I predominantly use will be a mechanism to communicate with you, this may take the form of a telephone number, e-mail address, or Facebook profile identity.  I will require this information from you in order to speak to you about the work that you would like me to do for you.

In some cases I will require an address from you.  This may be for the yard where you keep your horse (if we arrange for me to come and take measurements), or may be a delivery address in order to post an item to you.  Either of these may be your home address.

How will I manage your data?

I will only hold on to your data for as long as I need to.

If we only have a conversation about a potential job, then I will delete the conversation after three months.

If I do a repair or alteration for you I will keep the conversation for a year, so that I have a record of the work that I did for you.

If I do a bespoke commission for you then I will keep the details of the item, along with your name, so that I can make new items for you if you wish.

Please be aware that in some cases my ability delete information will be limited by the platform through which the information was received.

Your rights

If you would like any information about what data I hold or would like to ask me to delete anything then please get in contact with me.

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