Sometimes an item works ‘just fine’ but there is room for improvement whether it is to the form or function. Or perhaps you have a well-loved item that needs some new life breathed into it. I can help to either make your leather items work for you in a better way or bring them back into working order.

Work undertaken includes:
• Changing the buckles on a piece so that they match the rest of the tack used in competition.
• Adding keepers to a girth.
• Making adjustments to bridles and other items to achieve a better fit.
• Replacing broken loops, metal work, and billet platforms.
• Re-stitching leather items.

As with my bespoke work, all repairs are hand stitched and where new leather is required high quality English leather is used.

If you have an item that you would like to have altered or repaired in anyway please contact me to discuss what can be done. I will give you an assessment of what is feasible and an estimate for the cost of the work, alongside letting you know when I can do the work for you. You can then decide if you would like me to proceed .

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