Unique Stirrups & Spurs

I am able to provide a service where you can choose the colour of your stirrup.  In addition I am also able to add a second, third, and even a fourth colour in the form of glitter flake.

All of my custom bespoke colourful stainless steel stirrups and spurs are powder coated to give a hard wearing, long lasting finish.  They are oven baked with polyester powder coat to provide you with a product that is significantly more resilient to wear than a finish achieved by painting.

  • I have over 15 base colours already available, and am always looking to add to my range.  I am also able to source the glitter finish in over 35 colours.
  • The stirrups are available in standard, bent iron, and safety styles, in any size.  They also come with a choice of tread colour.
  • The spurs are only available in Prince of Wales.

Due to the volume of possible combinations I cannot offer a traditional internet shop, so please browse the images here and on my FaceBook page for inspiration and contact me to discuss your requirements.

Stirrups are £80.00 and the price includes a pair of stirrup socks to help you to care for your item.  Spurs are £50.00

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