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Bespoke Stirrups & Spurs

We all love a bit of “matchy matchy”… Well now I can help you to take this one more step further.

I am able to provide a service where you can choose the colour of your stirrup.  In addition I am also able to add a second, third, and even a fourth colour in the form of glitter flake.

All of my custom bespoke colourful stainless steel stirrups and spurs are powder coated to give a hard wearing, long lasting finish.  They are oven baked with one, two or three coats of polyester powder coat (depending on the finish that you choose) to provide you with a product that is significantly more resilient to wear than a finish achieved by painting.


  • I have over 15 base colours already available, and am always looking to add to my range.  I am also able to source the glitter finish in over 35 colours.
  • The stirrups are available in standard, bent iron, and saftey styles, in any size.  They also come with a choice of tread colour.
  • The spurs are available in Prince of Wales and roller ball.

Due to the volume of possible combinations I cannot offer a traditional internet shop, so please browse the images here and on my FaceBook page for inspiration and contact me to place your order.



Where the stirrups meet the criteria for “conservative” they are okay to use in British Dressage competitions (such as the black/blue example shown here).

This colour scheme has also been welcomed in FEI dressage competitions and are used by Katerina Cox.



Why not complete your look by popping over to see my friends at WTF Designs


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